Regardless of your walk in this life, everyone can experience a moment where authentic change takes place, and you are called to explore the best version of yourself.


For E11evate founder Jamila Harlee, she has always known her purpose for helping others but never would have imagined how far her journey would take her. In her quest for self-discovery and healing, it became clear that the work she was doing would later be the outlet that transforms individuals for an elevated life of their own. 

While embarking on a month-long ayahuasca therapy retreat in 2013, Jamila experienced a groundbreaking moment. The unique opportunity she had in the Amazon presented an idea of what she can do for those who are on a journey of internal healing.

one-stop-shop for holistic products, resources e11evateshop

While the concept of self-care was still in its early stages, many people were on the fence about the process, and the impact has on their wellbeing. Jamila wanted to show the honest side of the healing process and present a space where holistic needs can be met accordingly. 

In 2019, Jamila launched E11evate so individuals can no longer feel stagnant or alone in their healing process. As a one-stop-shop for holistic products, resources, and more, this space is a way to seamlessly tap into such different layers of self-healing that people can use and learn from daily.