Designed as a multi-use space for all aspects of wellness, community, and a holistic approach to health, E11evate is committed to lifestyle improvement for all.

Our unique array of holistic and wellness products provides our customers with real and long-lasting benefits. Shop our ethically sourced categories of crystals, smudges, crystal jewelry, healing gifts, and more.

In these ever-changing times, it can be challenging to make substantial shifts in your life, especially when it comes to healing. Like many, you may find yourself going to various places a week to fill your needs. Before any real healing takes place, you may begin to feel overwhelmed, stretching your energy and time between additional resources.


E11evate was curated as a sacred arena where people from all walks of life can come together to feel support from a real person in their approach to healing without hassle. Remain balanced with everything you need to help create a healthy lifestyle for calm, peace, purpose, and self-discovery.

Experience all we have to offer through our authentic and ethically sourced products, spiritual practices, and holistic resources. Made for an elevated mind, body, and spirit, we believe in our process and have built our brand with the intention to make it accessible for anyone who has the calling to heal.

Whether you are an experienced yogi, healer, spiritual coach, or newcomer, E11evate offers a holistic lifestyle without compromising on the luxury feel of personal growth and productivity. 

By inspiriting one another to live a healthy and mindful life, there are no limits to what can be accomplished in the years to come. Make the decision to silence the noise that plagues your mind and prevents you from reaching your fullest potential.

We make it our mission to provide customers with the necessary resources to ignite sustainable change that’s powerful and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Your story is your greatest superpower. The ability to take responsibility for how you will move forward can be unpredictable, but healing can begin the journey of happiness that you’ve longed for and rightfully deserve.