What Are Rituals?

According to websters dictionary, rituals are defined as “The established form for a ceremony or series of acts that is always performed in the same way: the order of words prescribed for a religious ceremony.”  Now, that is true, but rituals aren’t only performed in religious context. The way you make a cup of tea everyday can become a ritual. To put it simply, rituals are a set of actions that are performed with intention. You can also look at rituals as routines that nourish your soul on a day to day basis. The actions you perform have value, meaning, and significance. 

Now That we’ve established the importance of rituals, let’s look at the difference between, what I like to call, Practical and Ceremonial Rituals.Practical Rituals are actions we perform in our everyday. Making your bed, working out, Lighting a candle before bed, etc.Ceremonial Rituals serve some type of purpose. For example, Manifestation, Protection, or the giving of offerings. These rituals also aren’t performed on a daily basis.

Along with the practice, there are tools that can be used to assist you through the Ceremony like sage, and crystals. Here at E11EVATE we offer a variety of items from Palo Santo Incenses to our NEW Ritual Kits. Whether you’re looking for wealth and abundance or something to work with the Moon, check out our latest collection.

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