Cleansing 101

    Now a days we are no stranger to the term “Cleansing”. But what exactly does it mean? You’ve probably had questions like, “How do you do it?”, “Where do I start?” or “What if I don’t like the smell of sage?” Worry not, I am here to relieve your anxieties and teach you all about the basics of this purification practice.

What is the importance of cleansing?

     To put is simply, Cleansing is the process of creating order out of chaos. Whether you do it physically or energetically it is done with clear intention. This practice is usually regarded as a type of ritual or something to be performed spiritually because of the importance of renewing stagnant energy in a space or person with vibrancy. No matter how you decide to clear your space, it purpose is to create organization, tranquility, and release all that no longer serves you.

 How does it work?

    There are many ways to cleanse. One of the most popular is Smudging. I'll explain that in more detail later on. There are many different ways to cleanse to but here’s a short list for you to start with.

1. Sound

    The vibration of sounds radiates through spaces, people, and objects, and can, in turn, bless and purify. You can use different instruments to do this. When the sound vibrations move through a room, object, or person, it can transmute negative energies into uplifting positive energy.

Some different ways to clear with sound are:

  • Gongs, cymbals, or bells. Metal instruments can cut through the negative energy. Crystal or glass can clarify.
  • Mantra or affirmation repetitions can shift energy.
  • Singing can uplift and bring in more joy. It can open up the heart when you "let your heart sing.

2. Flame

   Another simple alternative is the use of flame or fire. If working in doors, you can light a candle and walk it around your home just as you would with sage. You can also pass your magical items and tools over a flame to cleanse and purify them.

    When working outdoors, you can use a bonfire or campfire as a means to purify. It can be as small or as big as your space will safely allow. Simply sitting silently by a fire is a very purifying act. If you’d like, you can allow yourself to slip into a subtle, trance-like state while gazing at the flame. When we take time to fully cleanse ourselves by the fire, we will often see more clearly afterward. Fire purifies those around it as well as the surrounding space.

3. Fragrance/mists

    Mists and fragrances are a simple way to get the properties of the plant material that are usually burned. They can be created by diffusing essential oil, water, and/or alcohol in a clean spray bottle. If you’re looking for connivence then there are many different sprays and oils available on the market.

    To perform a cleansing ritual with your spray, simply spritz it around your house or a room that needs cleansing. Start with the main door used for entering and exiting, then move either clockwise or counterclockwise, it’s up to you. Move around the whole space and end at the door you began with. To cleanse yourself or your tools, you can spritz yourself and any of your tools provided they won’t be damaged by water.

     Another way to purify a space using fragrance is with a diffuser. Just fill this with regular tap water, Moon Water, rainwater, Florida Water, etc. Add your favorite oil or oil blend, and allow the mist from the diffuser to work its magic. If your diffuser is battery operated, you can also carry it around your circle or ritual area to cleanse and purify the space before beginning your work.Heres a list of some oil blends that help protect and purify.

Frankincense & Lavender

Sandalwood & Frankincense

Lavender & Rosemary

Sage & Cedar

Rosemary & Mint

Lavender, Eucalyptus, & Tea Tree

Lemon & Rosemary

Frankincense, Clove, & Bay

Rosemary, Bay, Juniper

Frankincense & Myrrh

Sandalwood & Lavender

Lemon, Bay & Pine

Sandalwood, Cedar & Lavender

Lemon & Eucalyptus

Myrrh, Bay, & Clove


4. Water

     Water holds memory so it can be a very powerful tool when it comes to cleansing yourself or your space. You can use plain tap or bottled water that you’ve blessed, Moon Water, rainwater or any other magical water you feel is appropriate. You can leave the water as is, or add a pinch or two of salt or some of type of herbs. Making a tea of purifying herbs can be used to cleanse you space as well. You can also leave a bowl out to absorb the unwanted energy in a room. Once you feel it done it job, just dispose it outside or down a drain.

     Another way to use water is with asperging . This differs from using a spray because it is a ritual. Asperging is performed with a bowl, cauldron or chalice filled with water. You then use your fingers or an herb bundle to sprinkle the water. Much like the processes I listed above, you can sprinkle the water around your space in the same way you would to smudge. Begin and end with the main door you use to enter and exit.You can Also asperse yourself and others if they're comfortable getting a mini rain shower. Water is an element that can be used in many different ways, so make sure to choose a method that resonates with you the most.

5. Herbs and salt.

     Herbs are very powerful elements to incorporate in any ritual. Especially when you are smudging. White sage is probably the most well-known smudging herb. You will often find sage bundled with other botanicals in a smudge stick.Smudging is a smoke ceremony where a bundle of plant material or resin is burned. As the smoke begins to rise it then purifies the space and rids the area of negative energy as well.

     Some herbs tend to work best if you grind them in a mortar and pestle.  However, some herbs—like lavender buds—can be used either whole or ground. Whether or not you grind up your herbs is completely up to you. That also includes what herbs you're using, and what you're cleansing. Here's list of some common herbs used for cleansing.  














    Along with these herbs you can also use salt. You can mix it with dried herbs or leave as is. Use it in a bowl or as a floor powder. Floor powders are blends that are sprinkled on the floor and then swept up and out, or vacuumed up.  You can use them to create a purification sigil,  symbol or you can leave a bowl of salt or salt blend in a particular area as a means of absorbing negativity. When you feel it has done its job, dispose of the salt outdoors, down a drain or even in the trash if necessary. Burying an object in your salt or salt blend to rid it of energy you don’t want it to retain is also an option. Just make sure to protect any objects that can be damaged by wrapping them in a cloth before placing them in the salt. How ever you choose to use this medium is up to your discretion.


     In the end, Follow your intuition to decide what works best for you and your practice. Keeping yourself, your space and your tools cleansed and purified is essential. Especially for those who are energetically sensitive. Whether you like to purify as part of a moon ritual or just do it regularly on its own, I hope this list inspires you to create and expand your own purification practices.  If you're looking for some magical tools, don't forget to check out our catalog. We have everything from sage bundles to Crystal water bottles. You won't be disappointed!

Peace, Love, and Blessings!

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